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About Us

Experienced and Attentive Legal Counsel Providing Support and Encouragement Every Step of the Way.

It is safe to say that most people have heard a horror story about a divorce or separation of a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker that went badly.

Often those experiences are a result of unmanaged fear, distrust, negativity, and sometimes even vengeance.  Parties can easily become absorbed in these turbulent emotions and focus more on “winning,” rather than what they actually need. 

Those raw emotions are real, and we believe they are often better addressed, than ignored or suppressed. 

At BOK Law & Mediation Services, we have seen the gamut of cases that are extraordinarily ugly to cases that are exceptionally amicable.  We are skillfully equipped to guide you through your divorce or separation process, and address any emotion, hurdle or conflict that may arise, no matter which process you choose.

You will often hear from us that staying out of court is the best avenue for you and your family.  It alleviates the “win” mentality, cuts down on stress, can be more financially manageable, and may even lead to a better co-parenting relationship post-divorce or post-separation.  However, we understand that avoiding court is not always something you can control, and we are here to support you even in the most difficult litigation cases.

Our attorneys genuinely care about you, and go to great lengths to educate you on your process options and legal rights, as well as provide access to other tools, resources, and/or other professionals (i.e. realtors, mortgage lenders, appraisers, financial advisors, CPAs, counselors/therapists/psychologists, etc) that you may want or need.  Remember, while it may not feel like it right now, you WILL be OK, with BOK.

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