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The attorneys at BOK Law & Mediation Services are skilled in all areas of estate matters. We  work diligently to educate clients on an effective estate plan and implement the plan decided upon. Not only are we experienced in estate planning, but we also offer probate and estate administration services, along with handling guardianships and adoptions



When an adult suffers from an illness or injury that impairs their ability to manage their own needs, a guardianship may become necessary. In Pennsylvania, incapacitated individuals may have a guardian appointed to manage their finances and/or personal needs. Our attorneys can assist clients who seek to be appointed as guardian or who may be challenging the appointment. Our experience ranges from simple, uncontested guardianships, to complex multi-day trials. We have worked with family members and loved ones to address the need for guardianships in cases of dementia, traumatic brain injuries, special needs, and other matters. We provide you with a roadmap of how the process works, what to expect and assist you throughout.

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