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5-star support for children and families

Five Star Reviews

Dorothy Wolbert’s motto is, ‘Law was created to help people.’  When you meet her, you will immediately see that she is the personification of her motto.  While my experience with Dorothy involved the collaborative law process, she was nominated Top Overall Attorney for Litigation, and her dedication to supporting children and families is unmatched.  If you are searching for a lawyer who is highly intelligent, genuinely caring, and will make supporting your children her first priority, look no further!  I give Dorothy a ‘5 Star’ recommendation!”  –Lauralee

Aleksandra Kocelko helped me with my paternity case. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. Any complicated questions I had regarding my case she was there to answer them right away and explained things to me in detail to help me move forward. She made the whole case a lot less stressful. I highly recommend her.  - D.B.

Dorothy is exceptional. She represented me in a post nuptial agreement case. There were a few unexpected glitches, and she addressed these with the utmost professionalism and expediency. I never once worried about how she would respond to my questions, confusion, or worry. I never felt forgotten or ignored. In all interactions, I experienced her to be personable, collaborative, attentive to details, and highly knowledgeable. I was also impressed (and greatly appreciated) that she managed correspondence in a very timely manner that was also financially respectful. I give Dorothy my highest recommendation. I absolutely would not hesitate to retain her in the future if a need arose. - Dr. SM

Aleksandra was so helpful with my divorce filing.  She responded immediately to all of my calls or emails.  She made the entire process so easy for me and it went smoothly due to her attentiveness.  I appreciate this group and will definitely use in the future if needed - Larissa Metz

I highly recommend Rachael Bowe for your divorce. She is very professional, ethical and hardworking. She responds quickly and I felt comfortable talking with her. She is very clear and thorough with her advice and respectful of my decisions. She handled herself very professionally against opposing counsel and I knew she would advocate for me. I am so thankful to have her throughout this process.

– Nicole

My experience with Attorney Aleksandra Kocelko was remarkable. She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, she put my daughter at ease throughout our proceedings and earned her trust, as well as my own. She was always on time and well prepared, keeping me updated with timely responses. I will always be grateful for her compassion and dedication.

– Tawnia C.

Five Star Reviews

Excellent. I highly recommend.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dorothy. She helped me through a very tough divorce which could have been very devastating to me and my children if it wasn’t for her outstanding competence and legal savvy. Dorothy was very well prepared and always there to promptly answer any questions or concerns I had. Her commitment to my case was exemplary and I could not ask for a more knowledgeable and persistent attorney. I would highly recommend her without hesitation.”


Excellent lawyer. Highly recommended.
Please see below the letter that I sent following our case. It is from the heart.


I wanted to take a moment to convey the absolute appreciation that I felt following the conclusion of the trial negations last week and conclusion of our case. Although following the events we were all overwhelmed with emotion, I felt it necessary to fully express our gratitude, albeit a few days later.

During this very exhausting and emotionally consuming period for me and my family, your knowledge, professionalism and dedication to our case truly maintained our faith and guided us to the light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the duration of our case, I felt as though we always continued on a positive path toward our initially discussed goals which I directly contribute to your efforts. Through every up, through every down and every step of that way, your research and efforts continued to set favorable conditions for the most positive outcome possible. In the words of my superior, you were beyond doubt, our “pro from Dover”.

Coming from a business in which I change the lives of young Americans everyday, I understand that my case and its outcome, while life changing for us, is the exact thing which you accomplish on a daily basis. My story, my situation, is no better, no worse, no more or less tragic than the numerous you have or will deal with in your successful career. It is, however, mine. And because of that I can, without a doubt, say that you have closed a chapter of my life that is now behind us and allowed us to begin writing the next. You have changed our lives and most importantly the life of my son, who will look back one day and be grateful for the opportunities that your work and efforts afforded him.

We are humbled and grateful.



Attention to Every Detail 

The process of Guardianship seemed very complicated and daunting to me, and it was a very emotional ordeal to think about attending to. 

Aleksandra made it easy!  With her attention to every detail, she streamlined the process into workable pieces to help alleviate the stress and complexity of the legalities.  She walked us through every step, was quick to explain and respond to every question we had, and emotionally supported us all along the way (especially in the intimidating environment of the courtroom). I would highly recommend her because not only is she excellent

in the legal processes, but such a wonderful joy to work with! 


Excellent and reliable divorce attorney

“I want to thank you for the great job in representing me throughout the divorce process. Your professionalism and caring throughout the case was comforting! I will not hesitate to refer anyone needing a divorce attorney to you…”


Beyond my expectations…

“Dorothy did an excellent job helping me in my divorce. She advised me of PA laws for processing a divorce and of my rights as a father. She was available by phone and through email beyond my expectations. Her knowledge and ability to lookout for my wellbeing as a father, allowed me to get a divorce from my ex-wife where things worked in my favor. I would recommend Dorothy to any family or friend going through a divorce. Thank you, Dorothy, for your service and know that people like you make it easier to put my life on the line as I continue to serve this great country of ours.”


Helpful and responsive

“Dorothy is always on top of everything and explains things well to me. I told her about my work schedule and she would always call me to accommodate that. This experience has been like going through something with a best friend.”


I appreciate your kindness and understanding as well as your expertise in managing the execution of this prenuptial agreement and always knew you were focused on my best interest and well-being.

Susan K

Knowledgeable and extremely professional

My experience with Rachael Bowe was excellent!  She was very responsive to any and all of my questions and answered them in a timely manner, which was extremely important to me.  She was also very knowledgeable and extremely professional!  I highly recommend her for any family law/mediation matters!


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