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Parent and Child


The attorneys at BOK Law & Mediation Services are skilled in all areas of estate matters. We  work diligently to educate clients on an effective estate plan and implement the plan decided upon. Not only are we experienced in estate planning, but we also offer probate and estate administration services, along with handling guardianships and adoptions



Adoptions can be an emotional and pivotal time in many families’ lives. We provide representation for private adoptions, stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions and other similar issues. This process may include both the termination of parental rights and the adoption itself. The process can be tedious and challenging and it is crucial to have an attorney in your corner who understands the law and procedures to provide for a smooth and simplified process.


Whatever your adoption needs might be, contact the dedicated attorneys with BOK Law & Mediation Services. We will provide thoughtful, competent and diligent representation. We focus on achieving the best results for our clients and look forward to speaking with you about your needs.

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