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What is
Collaborative Divorce?

A composed way to restructure families.

Watch this short video for an overview of the Collaborative Divorce Process:

The Collaborative Divorce Process is a way to settle your divorce, child custody, support and/or other legal matter outside of court.  It involves a series of meetings to discuss all of the decisions that must be made to finalize your case.  The process itself is a family-centered and customized process, which means that the settlement discussions specifically focus on what is most important for the family.  The collaborative team consists of each party and his/her/their respective attorney, as well as other professionals as needed. The collaborative teams work to respectfully and efficiently develop solutions to address each family’s unique needs.

Meetings occur outside of court (usually at a professional’s office), and last for a maximum of 2 hours for each meeting (studies have shown that people hit a wall after negotiating for 2 hours, and are no longer productive).  We generally schedule meetings every 2-3 weeks, but this process allows for more party control, and we can often cater toward the parties’ schedules.   The number of meetings depends upon how long it takes the parties to reach resolution on all of their decisions. 

Most clients of the Collaborative Divorce Process find the process to be far less stressful, less expensive, and tailored to their individual family, rather than a cookie cutter approach that they may receive through litigation. 

The Collaborative Divorce Process:

• Protects the privacy of the family

• Encourages mutual respect.

• Emphasizes the needs of children and provides tools for co-parenting post-divorce.

• Avoids going to court.

• Keeps control of the process.

• Provides for open communication.

• Utilizes a problem-solving approach.

• Identifies and addresses interests and concerns of all.

• Prepares individuals for new lives.

Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation to determine if the Collaborative Process is right for you.

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