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You'll Be OK with BOK Law & Mediation Services PLLC

Our team at BOK Law & Mediation Services was formed to provide clients with customized options to fit their families’ needs. 
We have created an environment where we guide clients through the difficult, stressful, and emotional divorce process in the most caring and dedicated way.

BOK Law firm attorneys, Aleksandra Kocelko, Rachael Bowe and Dorothy O’Neil

Relationships may change, but we start and end with family.

At BOK Law & Mediation Services, our attorneys will help your family navigate periods of transition. Whether you are getting married and needing a premarital agreement, a new family wanting to discuss estate planning, a separating family seeking help with divorce or custody or even a family who recently lost a loved one working through the probate process, we will provide diligent, comprehensive, compassionate representation. 

How Do I Finalize my Divorce/Separation Case?

Divorcing or separating families usually have four main options to finalize their divorce or separation. BOK Law & Mediation Services offers all of these options to clients:​

Kitchen Table Settlement

Collaborative Divorce



Listen to our podcast, Donuts & Divorce. Join host Dorothy O'Neil as she discusses the many topics surrounding family law issues, including divorce, custody and child/spousal support.
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